Saturday, April 25, 2009

2009 April 25 HOB Sunset Bl

West Hollywood @ House of Blues
8430 Sunset Boulevard
25 April 2009
Saturday 8:00 pm

ON THE GO - This one is too easy.  Why can't they all be here? 

Opening Act - Upper Crust
After much anticipation, Jane enthusiastically introduced the opening act, Upper Crust.  She said that they are one of her very, very favorite bands. 

Upper Crust is a mock rock band from Boston. They wear 18th century aristocratic garb, powdered wigs and powdered faces, and sing songs with a snobbish, upper crust attitude. They are funny in a Spinal Tap/ Paul Revere and the Raiders sort of way. Just thinking... not many powered wig-hair bands around anymore. They must have all wigged out.

Upper Crust didn't go on until 10:00. By the time they were done, the crowd was very anxious for the GoGos to get up and go.

HOW IT GOES - Last of the April 2009 shows. Bummer. 

Los Angeles loves their GoGos! - This is their town. Welcome home!

ENTRANCE Music -  the Beach Boys'  I Get Around (I think that was it)

Belinda kept her shoes on all night. 

Jane wearing her cute motorcycle cop outfit. 

Cool Jerk - Jonathan Roberts -  Belinda's partner from Dancing With the Stars. Belinda shows off a few new dance moves she recently picked up. She shows him a few GoGo moves. What a cutie he is.

Jane cuts in to dance with Jonathan.

Gina Speaks - Finally someone mentions the whole DWTS debacle. 
Gina at the mic helps set the record straight.  She was good on Dancing with the Stars and shouldn't have got kicked off that quick. She said that it was all about politics. But - I'll tell you what, that's okay 'cause now Babe is back where she belongs! That's what counts. She's our Babe!  

Jane asks everyone in the audience to go visit the ATM and draw out all their money and donate it all to Animal Aide Unlimited. Help Save the Animals! Yes!

Great Show! This show was certainly what the doctor ordered for this mother of 3 -  Mother's Little Helper indeed!  Doctor please! ....some more of these! 

Give Give Give to the Animals!


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You are the ultimate Go Go's fan of all time.