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1982 July -August

Go-Go's July - August Tour Dates (note: if anyone knows the names of the venues here, please let me know)
  • 07/01/82 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 07/02/82 Honolulu, Hawaii
  • 08/11/82 Fresno, California
  • 08/12/82 Sacramento, California
  • 08/14/82 Berkeley, California (Greek Theatre)
  • 08/16/82 Denver, Colorado (Red Rock)
  • 08/18/82 Calgary, Canada
  • 08/19/82 Edmonton, Canada
  • 08/21/82 Vancouver, Canada
  • 08/22/82 Seattle, Washington
  • 08/23/82 Portland, Oregon
  • 08/25/82 Santa Cruz, California (fairgrounds in Watsonville)
  • 08/27/82 Santa Barbara, California
  • 08/28/82 Irvine, California (Irvine Meadows)
  • 08/29/82 Los Angeles, California (Hollywood Bowl)
  • 08/31/82 Tempe, Arizona
1982 July - August Tour Route

Write Ups and Reviews

4 July, New York Times
1 August, Los Angeles Times
5 August, Rolling Stone
21 August, Toronto Globe and Mail
28 August, Los Angeles Times

Rolling Stone, July 8, 1982

14 August 1982 ( L.A. Times)

New York Times
July 4, 1982
Cable TV Moves to the Music
by Andrew Yarrow

Excerpt from article
The Go-Go's glide along in a flashing red convertible while the rock band's lead singer, Belinda Carlisle, sings its hit, 'Our Lips Are Sealed." ... The image soon soon flashes to a loft studio where a video jockey - or 'veejay' a cross between a disc jockey and a TV emcee - announces what has just been played on MTV.

MTV is one of the latest programming innovations and one of the most dynamic...cable systems.

The 24-hour video music channel features programming by rock musicians interspersed with interviews in the station's studio, live performances, music and concert news.

MTV was introduced August 1981. It now has close to 5 million subscribers geared to 12-34 year olds.
August 1982
The Go-Go's new Vacation album has been in the stores t four weeks. The LP has already sold $600,00 in sales. The Vacation album and single were both in the national Top 10. The Go-Go's continue to draw large adoring crowds at every show. (L.A. Times)

Go-G0's on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine
  • August 5, 1982

Photo by portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz. In 1973 Leibovitz was the chief photographer for Rolling Stone. She worked their until 1983. Since 1983 she has been chief photographer for Vanity Fair. She was the last photographer to professionally photograph John Lennon before he was killed five hours later.

August 1982
  • 11 Fresno, Ca
  • 12 Sacramento, Ca
Set List

How Much More
The Way You Dance
Worlds Away
He's So Strange
Girl of 100 List
Cool Jerk
Lust To Love
You Can't Walk In Your Sleep
This Town
Everything But Party Time
Are Lips Are Sealed
We Don't Get Along
Beatnik Beach
Can't Stop The World
Get Up and Go
We Got the Beach
This Old Feeling
Let's Have a Party
  • 14 August Berkley, Ca (Greek Theater)

  • 16 August, Denver, Co (Red Rock Amphitheater)
  • 18 August, Calgary, Canada
  • 19 August, Edmonton, Canada
August 21, 1982
Globe and Mail
Okay, but can they Play Mozart

Excerpt from article...
The Go-Go's are five gutzy, determined musicians banded together by their search for the elusive ultimate time. they are one of the bounciest, poppiest, most danceable outfits around. They are also the five most energetic, sexy young women ever to lay down a melody.

The Vacation album is a real piece of musical work. It is also the Go-Go's best album since their debut album Beauty and the Beast. ...A. Munro Mississauga.
  • 21 August, Vancouver, Canada
  • 22 August, Seattle, Washington
  • 23 August, Portland, Oregon
  • 25 August, Santa Cruz, CA (Watsonville Fairgrounds)
  • 27 August, Santa Barbara, Ca
  • 28 August, Irvine, Ca (Irvine Meadows)
  • 29 August, Los Angeles, Ca (Hollywood Bowl)

Nothing could be more exciting than when the Go-Go's play the Hollywood Bowl!



Anonymous said...

Do you have a copy of the poster from the H'Wood Bowl show? It was an amazing night of music, especially the opening act - a little Nortino-type band called "Los Lobos" who were playing their first-ever gig at a venue outside of East LA.

I have the original poster if you're interested. I know it to be original, as I tore it off the telephone pole myself, back-when. I have a few other ancient GoGo's items as well.


Shawnm said...

Hi, do you still have the Hollywood Bowl poster? If so, could you call or textl me at 310-651-0080? I've been looking all over but apparently no one has one of these. I'm in Hollywood, CA so I'm nearby to you as well. THANKS SO MUCH, in advance. :)


Sean said...

A Japanese Neo-Rockabilly band (The Black Cats) played some of the dates on this tour. I am trying to determine whether or not The Black Cats played at the show in Vancouver BC Canada.
Any concrete info on this is much appreciated. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

The venue in Honolulu was called the Blaisdell Arena. I was there. Fond memories. :-)

dskskb said...

The Seattle venue was the University of Washington and my very first concert ever!

Anonymous said...

The Vancouver,BC concert Aug 21 1982 was at the Pacific Coliseum

Anonymous said...

The Portland, OR show was at the Paramount Theatre, which has been renamed since then.

Anonymous said...

I saw them play Hec Edmundson Pavilion at the UW in Seattle. The Black Cats opened for the Go-Go's. That was a great show.


Anonymous said...

After the '82 tour, The Black Cats wrote a song called "Itoshi no Berinda" which translates to "Beloved Belinda". You can see it performed at the 11:50 mark in this video:

josephm said...

When I attended the 1982 concert in Honolulu, Belinda had a cast on her leg for the show. Does anyone remember that?