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1981 October

1981 October Performances
  • October 1 @ MetroCentre - Rockford Illinois
  • October 3 @ the Cinema -  Santa Barbara
  • October 4 @ the Catalyst - Santa Cruz
  • October 5 @ the Arlington - Santa Barbara
  • October 8, 9 & 10 @ Greek Theater - Los Angeles

October Write-ups, reviews and mentions
  • October 4, 1981 Los Angeles Times mention
  • October 16, 1981 People magazine

TV Appearances
  • October 1981 on the Mike Douglas Show

October 1, 1981
The Metro Center
300 Elm Street
(the Go-Go's opened for the Rolling Stones)

 Rolling Stone's 1981 USA tour. 25 Sept- 19 Dec 1981

The MetroCentre in Rockford Illinois. The Metro Center opened in 1981. It holds 10,000 seats. 
One of the most significant event in MetroCentre history occurred in the inaugural year, when the Rolling Stones made an appearance on their Tattoo You tour. The 10/1/81 concert was added to the tour in response to a radio station petition drive. The actual petitions were cut up and used to hold a lottery for the right to buy tickets. Each person drawn could purchase two of the $15.00 tickets. (wikipedia Rockford -Illinois)
Starting as early as the 1990s Rockford has had the ignominious honour of being listed at times as one America's worst cities by the Rand McNally corporation and Money magazine, sometimes being ranked one of the top ten worst cities.[6] This may have been due to the lack of jobs and high number of outdated or closed factories. Crime on the west side of town was endemic, with huge areas of old established neighborhoods in extreme blight. The homicide rate in these areas was quite high. source: Rockford info on

October 1, 1981 photo: Paul Natkin

Oct 1, 1981 photo: Paul Natkin

Oct. 1, 1981 photo: Paul Natkin

Rockford's City Hall

October 3, 1981
The Cinema 
1077 Market Street
San Francisco, CA

Sid Grauman, of the famous Chinese Theater in Hollywood originally owned this movie palace designed by Polito and Cunningham in 1912, and over the years it's had many names.
  • Imperial 1916-1929
  • Premier 1929-1931
  • United Artists 1931-1970
  • Loew's 1970-1972
  • Market Street Cinema  1972 - present
When it was the Imperial theater

 When it was - United Artist

As the theater looks today (no more films)
Now it is this seedy strip joint

2008 photo: tlc
October 4, 1981
The Catalyst
Santa Cruz, CA
1011 Pacific Avenue,
Santa Cruz

photo: Preservation Directory photo gallery 

The original Santa Cruz Catalyst club was a beat coffee house located in an abandoned dining room of a retirement hotel at Pacific Avenue and Front Street.

It moved in 1976 into an abandoned bowling alley. (souce: MetroSantaCruz)
The two-story building was a polished wood and stained glass party central that would book musicians as diverse as the Circle Jerks, Tina Turner, Pearl Jam, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Curtis Mayfield, Emmylou Harris, Hugh Masakela and Rick Nelson. No musical style, from rockabilly and world beat to grind-core and ska, has missed a turn on the Catalyst stage.

Of course, to the old guard, this shiny new venue just wasn't the same as their beloved--yet enfeebled--old Cat. Although Kane tried to recapture some of the original essence with similar overarching skylights, huge potted plants and, of course, the centerpiece fountain, the lazy coffee culture was quickly replaced by the city's clubbers, attracted to the Catalyst's behemoth dance floor, professional sound and lighting, and newly acquired hard-liquor license. 
(by Kelly Luker - the March 14-20, 1996 issue of Metro Santa Cruz)
Track Listing from a bootleg cassette recorded at the Catalyst,
Santa Cruz show.
  • 1. Intro 0:22
  • 2. Skidmarks On My Heart 2:53
  • 3. How Much More 2:54
  • 4. Tonight 3:39
  • 5. Fading Fast 3:20
  • 6. London Boys 2:30
  • 7. Cool Jerk 3:25
  • 8. Automatic 2:40
  • 9. Lust for Love 3:43
  • 10. Can't Stop the World 3:49
  • 11. This Town 3:05
  • 12. Vacation 3:09
  • 13. Band Intros 0:58
  • 14. You Can't Walk In Your Sleep (If You Can't Sleep) 2:50
  • 15. Our Lips are Sealed 3:05
  • 16. Having Fun Tonight 1:26
  • 17. We Got the Beat 3:03
  • 18. Surfing and Spying 1:37
  • 19. Beatnik Beach 3:09
  • 20. Walking In the Sand 3:06
October 4
Los Angeles Times mention:

October 5, 1981
The Arlington
1317 State Street
Santa Barbara
support band: the Fleshtones

The Fleshtones from Queen's NY

The Arlington Theater  in Santa Barbara a Mission styled theater built for the Fox West Coast Theaters circuit in 1931. The Arlington Theater seats over 2,000. There is a free-standing ticket booth, under the marquee and a Spanish courtyard with fountains.
The Arlington Theater 

2008 photo: tlc

2008 photo: tlc

2008 photo: tlc
It was built to give the theater goers the impression that one is sitting outside in the plaza of a colonial Spanish town, each wall features houses, staircases, and balconies, not painted on but built out from the walls.

October 8, 9, & 10 
Greek Theater
2700 N. Vermont St.
Hollywood Griffith Park
Los Angeles

1969 photo: lapl photo data base

1960 photo: lapl photo data base

Go-Go's at the Greek Theater photos

Set List
  1. Skidmarks on my heart

  2. How much more

  3. Tonite
  4. Fading fast

  5. London boys
  6. Cool jerk

  7.  Automatic

  8.  Lust to love

  9.  Can't stop the world

  10.  This town

  11.  Vacation

  12.  You can't walk in your sleep (if you can't sleep)

  13.  Our lips are sealed

  14.  Let's have a party

  15.  We got the beat

  16.  Surfing and spying

  17.  Beatnik beach

  18.  (Remember) Walking in the sand

  19. October 16/17, 1981
    People Magazine Write-Up
    Five Beauties with a Beat are Rock's Freshest singing Sorority - The Go-Go's
    by Davin Seay

    Nice 3-page spread in People magazine with short band bio and pictures and interviews. Belinda is pictured arm-wrestling with then boyfriend Bill Bateman , Charlotte is pictures squeezing a cat, Jane doing a headstand and Kathy with boyfriend Danny Harvey.
    We offer people something other bands don't, - boast Wiedlin -  a good time.
    October 1981

    Mike Douglas on the cover of TV Guide

    8-track days

    October 29, 1981
    Rolling Stone 
    Beauty and the Beat - lp Review by John Pareles


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The Shade Tree Economist said...

Nice blog, I saw the Go-Gos in 1981 at Rockford Illinois when they warmed up for the Stones. I've heard that the Stones videotaped the Go-Gos show that nightand still own it. Does anyone know if this is true and if the Stones ever plan on releasing the recording?

John S. Cook
Freeport, Illinois