Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hollywood and Whitley

Hollywood Boulevard and Whitley
in the '70's and '80's

What a classic intersection. This was the main intersection of Hollywood for me. I could never understand the whole Hollywood and Vine thing. That place was way off in left field. Whitley was much more interesting. And it was really steep as you go north towards the hills.  This was the center of  town.

Whitley Avenue is a short street. It starts off in the hilly area to the north called Whitley Heights  (near the Hollywood Frwy), runs south and ends abruptly at Hollywood Boulevard.  
  • S.H Kress Department Store/Frederick's of Hollywood
  • J.J. Newberry  Co.
  • Baine Building
  •  House of Pies
  • Johnny's Steakhouse

South side of Hollywood Boulevard 

Looking south where Whitley ends at Hollywood Boulevard - 6606-12 Hollywood Blvd.
Back in the day this was  J.J. Newberry's Co. and the Kress Department Store. Later Kress became a Frederick's of Hollywood.

Newberry' later became Hollywood toys. The Art Deco building has a colorful Zig Zag pattern of chevrons and squares in aqua and gold tile. 

1972 photo (source:

As it looks today. 
Frederick's has moved and the original Kress marquis is back.
2008 photo: tlc

South side of Hollywood at Whitley 

J.J. Newberry Co at 6604 Hollywood Blvd - Great art deco

1979 photo

Same view today - the former Newberry's is now Hollywood Toys
Next door to the east at 6654 Hollywood Blvd. is a Spanish colonial Revival commercial building built in 1927. The beautiful building Churrigueresque ornamentation of floral motifs.   Architects for this and several other Spanish Colonial style buildings on Hollywood Boulevard were HL Gogerty and Carl Jules Weyl.

2008 photo: tlc

Former J.J. Newberry's with it's Art Deco aqua blue and gold tile.

2008 photo: tlc

North side of Hollywood Boulevard
near Whitley

NW corner Hollywood and Whitley

Looking west
 The Baine Building - 6601 - 6609 Hollywood Blvd.

photo c. 1930 (source: lapl  photo data base)

Same view today

2008 photo: tlc

The Baine Building
6601 - 6609 Hollywood Blvd.
The Baine Building is an elegant Spanish colonial Revival building with wrought iron balconies, Churrigueresque ornament and stylish tower and windows. Since it was first built in 1926, it has been home to many different banks. Today it is a food market.

NW corner Hollywood and Whitley

Date unknown 

Same view today

2008 photo: tlc

Northeast corner
NE corner Hollywood and Whitley
Note the classic Leyenda  and Fontenoy apartment buildings north on Whitley in distance.

1960 photo (source: hollywoodphotographs)

Same view today

2008 photo: tlc

Looking east from NE corner of Hollywood and Whitley.
In the late 1960's to mid '70's the NE corner housed the 
House of Pies 

1979 photo (source: hollywoodphotographs)

House of Pies morphed into a check cashing service sometime in the late '70's

1979 photo (source: hollywoodphotographs)

Same view today - Check Cashing Service

2008 photo: tlc

View looking east down Hollywood Blvd. from former Johnny's Steakhouse
which was located just east of Whitley

1976 photo (source: hollywoodphotographs)

Same view today
the King King club

2008 photo: tlc



Anonymous said...

Um....that corner of Hollywood and Whitley was NOT an was HOUSE OF PIES. In fact, when you go into the check cashing place you can still see the House of Pies logo embedded in the tiling as you walk thru the front door. If there are any doubts, go take a look at the one that's still around on Western a few blocks up from the HWD's got the same logo.

Gigi said...

Want to learn more about the early history of Hollywood you should watch

Anonymous said...

i have some nice shots of hollywood in the late 70s-80s. Shot on the street. Check me out at

nice blog- best-matt

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, Johnny's Steak House...I was born in HPH in 59 and grew up on these streets in the 60s and 70s, what a blast it was. My Unclew would take me to dinner at Johnny's at leat twice a month where we would dine on a sizzeling plate of steak and a baked potato, the steaks always had a little wooden paddle sticking from the center with "Well done", "Medium", or "Rare" printed on them...all for a 5 dollar bill.

Angel Wyatt said...

At Johnny's Steakhouse I do remember those little wooden paddles sticking out of the steak. I really loved the old , dark red wrap around booths that were gargantuan and deep. All the caricatures on the wall of all the stars that had graced Johhny's were very entertaining no matter how many times you saw them. My ex-husband, whom I met on Whitley when we were 21 and 18, used to go there as often as we could as prices were great for the "full treatment" and old time Hollywood atmosphere. That's what Im on here looking up, old pics of Johnny's Steakhouse. I got my first job in Hollywood at Love's BBQ pit in summer of 1979 as a hostess, as I remember Love's was across the BLVD from Fredericks, and was on a corner.