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Elisa is fired

June 22, 1979
Elisa Bello is fired from the band.

 June 23, 1979
Gina Schock officially became the drummer for the Go-Go’s.
Go-Go line up is now: Belinda, Gina, Charlotte, Margo and Jane.

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Elissa Bello (former drummer) interview after being fired from the band.

I played the drums. But started out on guitar, and Margot was on the bass. We couldn't find any female drummers in those days, so since I had played them as a hobby, I bought a used set of drums and I became the drummer.
Q) Were Margot and yourself the VERY FIRST "GOGOS" or was it Margot and Jane?
Margot and I were the first members of the band. My cousin introduced us at a party because Margot wanted to be in a band, and I wanted to start an all girl band.
Q) Did you leave the band or did you get chucked out?

I was chucked out on my ass. I was dating this girl (Kari Krome) whose ex- girlfriend (Ginger) decided to become the new manager of The Go-Go's. She just happened to know a drummer who had been playing for years and had her own truck, and great equipment etc. Plus, her father made her these great drum cases.....
Q)Have you seen the Go-Go's perform this year? What do you think of them now.

I have not seen The Go-Go's perform. To be honest, it's not my kind of music.
Q) Did you play in any other bands?
I played in a whole slew of other bands. I mean there were times I played in 3 bands at once. Some of those bands were really good too. And of course some were...well, they were interesting.
Q) How many shows did you play with The Go-Go's?

I don't remember how many shows I played with The Go-GO's. I would have to go and find an historian or someone who documents that shit to figure how many shows I played. All I can tell you is, I 've played all the shows we did from the very beginning to the time they threw me out.
Q) When exactly did you join/leave the GO-GO'S and why?

I never joined The Go-Go's, as you can see. Margot and I put the band together. Although, it was Margot who picked the girls. I wasn't too happy with some of her choices, but, Margot was relentless. I think she may have regretted those choices later on...

Despite our musical differences in the band, I was totally into the whole thing. I really wanted to go somewhere with the band and was very hurt by their decision to kick me out. However, after my dismissal, I still remained friends with them, because I still felt close to the whole thing, and close to all of them as well. Of course, the more famous they became, the less I was in the picture. 

When they kicked Margot out (while she was home sick in bed mind you) that was the last straw. One thing about Margot, she is a survivor and a hard worker. You can't replace her. That girl has soul, and they lost a very important element to the band when they threw her out.

GoGo's get a manager
Around this time the GoGos also got a new manager - Ginger Canzoneri. (Ginger was former girlfriend of Kari Krome of the Runaways). Ginger was working at CBS Records at the times. Ginger started doing artwork for the Go-Go’s and later other business stuff. She was a bit older.
Ginger Canzoneri


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