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1977/78 -GoGo Connections

Connecting the Dots
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So let's see...Belinda knew Lorna who knew Darby (the Germs) who knew Pleasant who knew Darby who knew Hellin&Trudie -plungers (@Capitol Records swap -meet 4/77) who knew Excene of X (@Capitol Records swap-meet) who lived with Margo and Kittra Allen (girlfriend of Billy Zoom of X ) (Kittra was the 1st GoGo manager) who knew Hellin&Trudie who knew Pleasant who knew Darby who knew Alice who knew the Germs who knew the Dickies who knew Charlotte (Leonard Phillips) who knew DJ Bonebrake (drummer for the Eyes) who knew the Germs who knew Pleasant who met Jane.
Jane, Margo and Belinda
In 1977 - The GoGo's were not a band yet. They are not even an idea of a band yet. For the most part, they had never even played any instrument that required plugging in. But - in less than a year's time - it would all start to come together.

At this time, Belinda and Jane and Charlotte were busy being the girl friend of a guy in a band or a fan of a band that played at the Masque or played in some lame band. (There was a Dickie connection here somewhere)
BELINDA Carlisle was living in Hollywood and started to hang out more and more at the newly opened Masque club. Her high school friend and room mate, Lorna Doom, played bass guitar for friend Darby's band The Germs. It seems that by now most of Belinda's friends were in bands, working on local fanzines, or are just hanging out at the Masque.
Belinda Carlisle at the Masque

In early 1978 Belinda moved into the Canterbury apartment with friend Lorna (Terry) Doom. She was dating Dickie drummer Karlos Kabollera.

Canterbury Apartments in Hollywood

JANE Wiedlin had met Pleasant Gehman at a vintage clothing store in Hollywood. Pleasant (ever the Germs promoter) told Jane about a show coming up at the Masque and gave her a flyer for it. So - of course, Jane had to go check it out. She soon became a Masque regular. In early 1978, Jane moved into the Canterbury apartments. She dated the Alice Bags' drummer Terry Graham.
Jane at the Masque

photo: JennyLens
MARGO Olaverria was a punk music enthusiasts. From hanging out at the Starwood and and clubs, she was a friend of Exene Cervenka and the whole X crowd. She lived at the X house in Hancock park for awhile. Through Excene, she became friends with Darby and Lorna and Hellin Killer and the Plunger girls.
Margot at the Masque

photo:Al Flipside
Margo had recently gone to London (saw the Sex Pistol) and came back all wanting to be a punk rocker too. She even started to learn how to play bass guitar. Members of X gave her guitar lessons. She had been a regular at the Starwood. Now, of course, she goes to the Masque because that is where the new scene was going on.

In early 1978 Margo moved into the Canterbury apartments in Hollywood.
The first time Margo met Belinda was backstage at the Whisky when the Dickies were playing there.
Belinda and Margo at the Masque

photo: Ann Summa
Disgraceland - Another favorite place to crash was the nearby apartment at Selma and Cassil Place nick-named Disgracelend.

Belinda and Blaster
Photo by Janette Beckman
Charlotte Caffey was a trained musician (as in college) and played bass for the local punk band The Eyes. The Eyes were a sort of a Masque band from the get-go and play there pretty frequently. Charlotte was dating a guy from the Dickies - Leonard Phillips. The Dickies played the Masque too. Belinda was also dated a Dickie at this time - their drummer, Karlos Kabollera. Belinda and her friends would spend a lot of time hanging out at the Masque and with bands such as the Dickies.
Charlotte at the Masque

photo: Michael Yampolsky

Margot met Elisa Bello through a friend from high school. Elissa played drums. Elissa came to LA from Buffalo and wanted to put an all girl rock bank together. She initially wanted something more edgy and rebellious. But not English. She had a cousin in LA who was about her age. They went to a party one night and she was introduced to Margot. She and Margot talked about starting a band.

Kittra Allen
- was a former girlfriend of Billy Zoom of X. So, she knew all the X crowd. She lived at the X house on Van Ness St. in Hancock Park. Or rather, they lived with her. She became friends with who also lived there and was a friend. Later...she would go on to be the GoGo's first manager.

At this point - the girls were all just acquaintances. They knew each other just by hanging out at clubs. At this point - it was still all about having fun and acting cool. But soon that would all change.

As they hung out at the Masque and other clubs, the girls started to notice something. Many of the bands were - not that great. In fact...they were really bad. They could play better than that. Well... maybe they could do it better. After all, it was cool to be an untrained musician. It was just a thought - but, they couldn't be any worse? So, why not? hmmmm. Maybe...they should form their own band? Just a thought. hmmmm.



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These buildings are still there.
Even the basement where the Masque was still has some of the original graffiti on the walls.

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