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1977 -Babes in Toyland

In 1977 -Belinda Carlisle and friend Terry Ryan moved to La La land.

This gonna be so much fun!

Babes in Toyland

Somewhere over the rainbow...

2008 photo:tlc

They lived in several places in the West Hollywood area. Three of these residences were known as:
  • Holloway Drive
  • Lobotomy Apartment
  • Disgraceland
Holloway Drive, West Hollywood

photo: tlc

In early 1977 - Belinda and Lorna lived on Holloway Drive in West Hollywood. This location was convenient to clubs/parking lots, work and the basic scene happening on Sunset Boulevard.

Holloway Drive Apartments

photo: tlc

Holloway Drive is a little residential street just south of Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. On Holloway Drive, between Alta Loma and Westmont Drive there is a row of
two- story walk-up apartments with built-in carports underneath. Belinda and Terry lived in one of these apartments along with friend/hairdresser/scenester Malissa Hutton. Malissa also was a DJ at the Rainbow Bar 'n' Grill. She would be the Germ's hairdresser She was very possessive of Darby (she called him Paul).

Terry (aka Lorna) on right with friend Melissa

1978 photo: JennyLens

Holloway Drive comes into Sunset Boulevard near Palm Street.
This is pretty much where Book Soup is today. Across the street was Tower Records.
Tower Records was a great place to hang out with friends and scout out the new imports.
It also had a great parking lot with lot of lights.

This is the view looking east from Sunset Boulevard - Holloway Drive is the small street at the far right of the picture that runs into Sunset.

2008 photo: tlc

View looking west from Sunset Boulevard and Holloway Drive.
Book Soup in on the left. Across the street is Tower Records.

2008 photo:tlc

From their apartment it was an easy walk to the Tower Records store on Sunset, the Whisky and the Licorice Pizza parking lot at Sunset and San Vicente, and, of course, Joan Jett's apartment at San Vicente

In 1977 there was no Masque for kids to hear music and hang out. So most of the action was in the parking lots.

Holloway Drive was close to the Rainbow Bar 'n' Grill parking lot and the Roxy. The Hyatt was nearby at Sunset and Kings Road. So there were always places to hang out.

Parking lot of the former Licorice Pizza looking
across San Vicente toward Joan Jett's apartment in the distance.

2008 photo: tlc

Whisky at the NW corner of Sunset and Clark/San Vicente

2008 photo: tlc

Sunset Blvd at Holloway, looking east
1991 photo: William Reagh

Also -the apartment on Holloway Drive was convenient to where Belinda held a day job for awhile - she was a secretary at Peterson Publishing.

Petersen Publishing
Southeast corner of Sunset Blvd and La Cienaga


Today Petersen's Publishing is no more - the building is vacant.
But it still has a great view!

photo: tlc

Sunset Blvd looking west

1979 photo: William Reagh

Santa Monica Boulevard was just down the street. From here it was a quick trip to the Starwood club or to hang out at Duke's Coffee Shop at the Tropicana motel.

Belinda and Lorna's apartment was next door to where the actor, Sal Mineo use to live.

However, a year earlier, on February 12, 1976, the 37 year old actor Sal Mineo (Rebel Without a Cause guy) was attacked and stabbed to death in his carport at 8563 Holloway Drive.

Sal Mineo

photographer unknown

Sal's apartment at 8563 Holloway Drive

2008 photo: tlc

Suddenly - Belinda and Lorna moved from their groovy Holloway Drive digs when there was a break-in nearby. This incident really scared them. So - they left and bunked with former friend from high school Theresa Kereakes at the Lobotomy Apartments.

Famous Lobotomy Apartments
(the Fanzine Lobotomy)
7231 Franklin Ave., #14,
How it looks today

2008 photo:tlc

The Lobotomy Apartments were located near the northwest corner of Franklin and La Brea in West Hollywood. Today it is called the Beresford Apartments.

It was located just down the street from this other cool place, The Landmark Hotel (now called the Highland Gardens) at 7047 Franklin Blvd, Hollywood. This is a cool place to stay even today for young would be musicians and aspiring actors. It is also the place where Janis Joplin died of an overdose in 1970.

2008 photo: tlc

Theresa Kereakas and Belinda Kurczeski had attended neighboring high schools in Thousand Oaks and participated in many of the same extra curricular activities. Later, they would see each other hanging out in the parking lot of the Rainbow Bar n Grill.

In 1976 Theresa Kereakas was going to UCLA. She had an apartment on Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. This was where Belinda and Terry bunked for awhile
when they were in-between lodgings.

It was called the Famous Lobotomy Apartment because this was where the Lobotomy fanzine was written - and it became quite famous for the parties and antics that went on there.

2008 photo:tlc

Lobotomy was a fanzine co-founded by Pleasant Gehman and Randy Kaye (Randy Detroit). Theresa Kereakes, Kid Congo and Brad Dunning also worked on it.

A fanzine (see also: zine) is a nonprofessional publication produced by fans of a particular cultural phenomenon (such as a literary or musical genre) for the pleasure of others who share their interest.

Lobotomy The Brainless Magazine Fanzine was published sporadically from 1978-1981.

Pleasant Gehman and Kid Congo
Everyone knew Pleasant and everyone felt as though she was their best friend. Belinda had got to know Pleasant along with Darby and Pat. They became fast friends.

Lobotomy also did benefits to raise money for the zine - at the Whisky. Pleasant and Theresa both worked at the Whisky (though at different times doing different things). So they had connections.

Disgraceland Apartments - corner of Selma and Cassil Place, Hollywood
When Belinda moved from the Lobotomy apartment, she lived for awhile with Pleasant Gehman at her Disgraceland apartment.

Pleasant Gehman got a place in Hollywood which she called Disgraceland. Pleasant ended up living here for 10 years! It was also the scene of many famous punk stories revolving herself and others who crashed there. One of these revolving room-mates would be Belinda Carlisle.

The corner of Selma and Cassil Place
(note my ol' church and school in the background)

2008 photo: tlc

Same location, looking north on Cassil Place towards Selma

2008 photo:tlc

Disgraceland was a buff colored, 1920’s fourplex standing around the corner of the Masque.

Disgraceland not only served as the Lobotomy office, but for years sheltered wayward musicians and scenesters over the years. It also got a reputation a the "rockabilly pary place" when rockabilly replaced punk as the next big thing.

Disgraceland - back in the day


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